We photograph not just how it looks but also how it feels.


„Your images are not staged, not predictable – instead they are deeply emotional and touching.“


We concentrate on capture the moments and the emotions between you, your family and your friends. The images must be interesting and aesthetically pleasing. We work unobtrusive and never stage a moment. Your wedding images should take you back to your day, let you relive all the great moments, the expectation, the excitement, the happiness. When we are able to do that you get something irreplaceable. You get images that are meaningful.


„You don´t simply get great images, you get pieces of art where you play the star role.“


When we do our bridal-portrait-session, we will create unique images of both of you. They will be different then what you usually get to see, maybe a little bit extraordinary or even dramatic – but they shall show you from your best side.


„These images are simply brilliant!! I can´t believe how amazing they are.“


If you expect more from your wedding photographer then standard images, if you are looking for something unique – we believe we are the right photographers for you. We are based near Hamburg but are available for your wedding anywhere in Germany, Europe or abroad. As your wedding photographer we always come as two lead-photographers. We have been happily married for 15 years and are a proven and reliable team. We understand each other without words and are therefore able to produce outstanding results even in the most challenging situations. We believe that wedding coverage by two lead photographers has many advantages.


You don´t simply take images – you guys are real artists, philosophers, hand-holders!“